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Ways to Boost Mental Health While Aging

A senior woman happily sitting in a garden while blowing the petals of a dandelion

As we age, our mental health can deteriorate for several reasons, including loneliness, isolation, cognitive decline, and health problems. So, it’s essential to consider ways to improve and maintain our mental health throughout our aging years. Staying active, sleeping enough, staying social, and continuing to challenge oneself are all ways that can boost mental health […]

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Pets for Seniors: the Perfect Social Pals

A senior woman sitting on a couch with a dog beside her.

Social connections can become increasingly fundamental for our overall well-being as we age. These connections may include spending time with family members, friends, and like-minded individuals in a senior living community, but special bonds can also develop between seniors and furry friends.  Pets can provide companionship for people of all ages—but can also hold a […]

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What Exercises Should Seniors Avoid?

A close-up of powerlifting equipment. Many seniors have back and posture issues that make it difficult to lift weights correctly, and incorrect form can severely damage the back, shoulder, and arm muscles.

Numerous studies have shown that exercise has significant health benefits, which become more important as we age. Regular physical activity and exercise for seniors improve both mental and physical health, allowing you to maintain your independence as you age. As important as exercise is for older adults, all seniors must consider their current health and […]

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