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Engaging Games for Seniors with Dementia

Two senior men sitting across from each other at a table playing a game of chess in a living room.

Dementia can be a debilitating condition for seniors, so it’s important for older adults to stay engaged and active to maintain their quality of life for as long as possible. Some engaging games for seniors with dementia include trivia games, jigsaw puzzles, sorting games, reminiscing games, and card games. Other engaging activities that can benefit […]

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Ways to Boost Mental Health While Aging

A senior woman happily sitting in a garden while blowing the petals of a dandelion

As we age, our mental health can deteriorate for several reasons, including loneliness, isolation, cognitive decline, and health problems. So, it’s essential to consider ways to improve and maintain our mental health throughout our aging years. Staying active, sleeping enough, staying social, and continuing to challenge oneself are all ways that can boost mental health […]

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Pets for Seniors: the Perfect Social Pals

A senior woman sitting on a couch with a dog beside her.

Social connections can become increasingly fundamental for our overall well-being as we age. These connections may include spending time with family members, friends, and like-minded individuals in a senior living community, but special bonds can also develop between seniors and furry friends.  Pets can provide companionship for people of all ages—but can also hold a […]

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How to Choose a Retirement Community

A group of seniors sitting smiling and chatting with each other.

Retirement is an exciting new phase of life, full of opportunities and possibilities. For older adults, choosing a retirement community is a big decision. Urbana Place Senior Living is here to assist! Senior living communities offer a range of housing, floor plans, and amenities that can make the transition to retirement smoother and more enjoyable. […]

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