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5 Fun Indoor Activities for Seniors

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Whether it’s related to the weather or a person simply doesn’t like spending a lot of time outdoors, there are always things to do indoors. But if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, we have you covered. Five fun indoor activities for seniors that you can try include:

  • Exercise
  • Board games 
  • Artistic pursuits
  • Cooking and baking
  • Reading or watching movies

When many people think of an “activity” they may automatically assume that it has to be physical or exercise. And while physical activities like exercise are good and necessary, sometimes an enjoyable activity is as simple as curling up with a good book and a cup of tea or taking a cooking class with friends in the community.

Five Fun Activities for Seniors to Enjoy Indoors

Fun is a relative term. What one person finds enjoyable, the next may not. But that’s the beauty of senior living—there isn’t a right or wrong way to do it.


Exercise is important for seniors to maintain their physical health, and what better way to do this than with an exercise class? With a variety of online exercise classes available, older adults can stay active from the comfort of their own homes. You can also encourage your loved one to join a class that fits their fitness level to make the experience more enjoyable.

One thing to note about exercises is that the CDC recommends that older adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity, 75 minutes of vigorous activity, or some combination of the two throughout the week. They also recommend that seniors incorporate a couple of days of strength training and balance-improving activities throughout the week.

Board Games

Board games are more than just a way to pass the time. They’re a source of mental stimulation that can help keep a person’s mind sharp. Games that require strategy, like chess or Scrabble, can challenge your loved one’s cognitive skills and improve their memory. These games can engage seniors in problem-solving and decision-making processes, keeping their brains active and agile.

But it’s not all about the mental workout. Board games also promote social interaction, a key aspect of senior living. They foster a sense of community, encouraging conversation, camaraderie, and connection. In playing, your loved ones can share stories, exchange ideas, and deepen their bonds with friends. It’s a wonderful way to combat feelings of isolation or loneliness.

Artistic Pursuits

Art is an incredible form of self-expression and creativity. Whether it’s painting, drawing, or crafting, there are a variety of art forms that seniors can enjoy from the comfort of their homes. Consider buying art supplies and encouraging your loved one to create something new and beautiful.

Cooking & Baking

Cooking or baking can be wonderfully engaging activities. And these two activities have the added bonus of helping keep older adults’ minds engaged. Following a recipe requires focus and attentiveness, and tweaking it to taste involves creativity and problem-solving skills.

There’s also a certain pride in creating a meal or baking a dessert from scratch. It can be a great reminder for your loved one of the skills and abilities they possess. 

Reading or Watching Movies

Books and movies may be different mediums, but they both provide entertainment through stories. Seniors can enjoy both of these indoor activities as a solo activity, or they can bring friends together for a book club or movie night for a social interaction aspect.

The Importance of Staying Active for Seniors

As your loved ones grow older, their bodies may undergo changes that can make it more challenging to maintain the mobility and flexibility levels they once enjoyed. But this doesn’t mean that they should stop moving entirely. Staying active is essential for seniors, not only to maintain physical health but also for overall well-being. 

Improved Physical Health

Regular exercise can help seniors maintain mobility and independence by building strength and reducing the risk of falls and fractures. Exercise strengthens bones and muscles, and it can improve balance and flexibility. Daily exercise also promotes cardiovascular health, which comes with great health benefits.

Social Connection

Participating in group exercise classes or activities can provide opportunities for social connection and stimulation. These activities can also help combat isolation and loneliness by providing seniors with a sense of community and belonging.

Improved Mental & Cognitive Function

Research shows that regular physical activity can positively impact cognitive health, especially among older adults. This includes improvements in memory, attention, and decision-making skills. 

A group of older adults in a baking class with their instructor, each holding dough, smiling and looking directly at the camera

Learn How Senior Living Can Support an Active Lifestyle

These activities are more than just about keeping busy—they can nourish your loved one’s body, mind, and spirit, helping them stay active, connected, and happy. They can remind your loved one of their capabilities, ignite their passions, and bring them closer to their community. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy senior living. It’s all about your loved one finding what brings them joy and fulfillment.

Contact our compassionate team at Urbana Place Senior Living today if you’re considering a community in Brooklyn Park. We’re happy to show you around and how our team can support you or your loved one in an active and engaged lifestyle.

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